Friday, 25 July 2014

Summer Days are Happy Days

Well it certainly seems like Summer has arrived in the South of England with lovely hot days like they used to be in the memories of my childhood!

We have had an exciting Summer so far and have continued to grow and thrive this term, this is especially true on Facebook where despite Mr FB best efforts to hide everyone, your liking, sharing and commenting keeps the reach of the page high and sales have been incredible!  We are nearly at 12K likers which is very exciting and certainly a cause for celebration! (not that we need an excuse!)

Twitter has been fabulous for us too with in excess of 15K followers, many like minded who retweet to push your work our further and further!  We plan to offer a form of Twitter promotion to purchase in the early autumn - watch this space! We will also be having a weekly #britcraft hour (timings tbc) where people can network and benefit from our hug following!

We launched a Newsletter, with the First Edition being published last weekend. Very exciting and a great way to keep you up to date with all the latest goings on and there will also be some special offers!  You can subscribe at the top of the Newsletter if you want to get Edition 2 pinging into your Inbox in August!

Our Promotion prices have risen slightly to £2.50 for a day or £10 for 5 days.  For this you do get a lot for your money!  You are pinned to our Pinterest board for that month (which is promoted all month) you are tweeted on multiple occasions, you are showcased on FB with a photo, shop link and @fb name and you receive a Stumble Upon Review!

Our themes for September and booking forms are now open!

For people that haven't yet booked with us here is a guide for you!

1.  Have a look at the upcoming themes to see which of your items fit into which themed category.

2.  Decide on whether you want to book a single day or book for 5 days which saves  you 20%.

3.  Purchase your chosen day or block of days from the drop down menu. The price is £2.50 for a day or £10 for 5 days.

4.  Email with your item link for promotion. If you have booked for 5 days then you need to send 5 links.

5.  Links must be received by 6pm please on the day before you wish to be shared.

6.  Shop links work better than FB links as you can't Pin to Pinterest from FB.  If however you only sell from a Facebook page then we will work extra hard to promote your facebook page on both Facebook and Twitter.
7.  As soon as your shop link is received you will be pinned to the Featured Shops Pin board and your promotion starts.

8.  Sit back and let us do the hard work for you!

 Below are the links to book slots.  

To keep the wonderful dynamic of the page we will continue to do free shares with fb only links and will also limit the number  of paid slots available each day.  Once that number is achieved it will be marked on the drop down menu as "sold out"

Finally we are taking a Summer Break from today until 1/9 to recharge our batteries and ensure that we return full of energy and ready for what is undoubtedly going to be a busy Autumn!

Wishing you a safe and happy summer!

Dottie x

Promotion 1/9 - 5/9

Promotion 8/9 - 12/9

Promotion 15/9 - 19/9

Promotion 22/9 - 26/9

5 days Promotion - any day, any week 20% discount