Saturday, 23 November 2013

What an Incredible Week!

What an incredible week we have had at British Crafters!  A record number of sales from Facebook with 1 shop reporting 11 sales after being featured! We also got a lovely Folksy shop their first ever sale which is very special!

Our page reach is up yet again which means that your work is getting out there further and further which is fantastic news!

We have had direct sales too from the Twitter Promotion which is fabulous!  Our weekly #twitterfest was very popular yet again and brought people into your shops!  Do take part if you are around for this - timings are announced in advance on both Twitter and Facebook and is a good way to build up your own followers and make similar contacts.

I'm just going to run through the booking process again in case anyone is unsure.

1.  Have a look at the upcoming themes to see which of your items fit into which themed category.
2.  Decide on whether you want to book a single day or book for 5 days which saves  you 20%.
3.  Purchase your chosen day or block of days from the drop down menu. The price is £2 for a day or £8 for 5 days.
4.  Email with your item link for promotion. If you have booked for 5 days then you need to send 5 links.
5.  Links must be received by 9pm please on the day before you wish to be shared.
6.  Shop links work better than FB links as you can't Pin to Pinterest from FB.  If however you only sell from a Facebook page then we will work extra hard to promote your facebook page on both Facebook and Twitter.
7.  As soon as your shop link is received you will be pinned to the Featured Shops Pin board and your promotion starts.
8.  Sit back and let us do the hard work for you!

Below are the links to book slots.  To keep the wonderful dynamic of the page we will continue to do free shares with fb only links and will also limit the number  of paid slots available each day.  Once that number is achieved it will be marked on the drop down menu as "sold out"

I'm so excited about the next few weeks which will hopefully bring lots of sales for everyone!  

Dottie x

Please click on the drop down menus to see the themes for each day.

Promotion 9/12 to 13/12

Thu 19th is not available to book
Promotion 16/12 to 20/12

Promotion Any 5 days - Any Week 20% discount


  1. I've been on holiday and it looks like I've missed the boat :-(

    Congratulations on making British Crafters such a success!

    1. Hi Linda - nope! Boat is still open! Lots of days still to choose from :) Thank you for your kind words! Dottie x

  2. Susan, I'm so chuffed that I had a sale and custom order from a lady who, I think, found me via British Crafters. I love looking through the BC facebook page and seeing all the wonderful things, but to actually benefit from a sale or two is even better. Thank you so much. Elaine, Ellie's Treasures xx

    1. Yay! That's great news Elaine :) Well done for your sale!