Saturday, 30 September 2017

Featured Shop October 2017 - Empathy Holistics

Our Featured Shop for October is Empathy Holistics I invited Emma to tell us a little more about the ideas behind her fabulous shop.

Tell us a bit about you!

I am Emma and would like to introduce Empathy Holistics to the wider world! I enjoy all things aromatherapy and holistic therapies.

What brought you to aromatherapy and holistic therapies? 

I have always been interested in concocting my own lotions and potions from a young age.  I fell in love with essential oils as a way of making people feel better, or to reduce the symptoms of illnesses/ medical conditions.

Why do you like using essential oils in your products?

I love the different powers and aromas of essential oils how they help people feel good, remind them of past memories and uplift their soul, body’s and thoughts.

Do you have a favourite product that you have created?

I have created a variety of products for the general public; I specialise in gift kits for pregnancy and labour.  Another favourite is my itch relief blend, which a number of parents have bought for their children and seems to alleviate the terrible ‘itch’. 

Best selling Yummy Mummy to be Kit

Are you able to make a remedy for somebody as a special order?

I am happy to tailor make a blend, cream or kit to suit a customers needs!  

Do you have a shop or you primarily online?

I have my products in a shop on Folksy where customers can also message me with their requirements.

You are obviously passionate about what you do!  Why is this?

My customers love the way that I can tailor make their products to suit their needs or situations.  I am a people person and I feel I know what people need or want from a cream or oil blend.  I can help people through enjoyable and tough times.

Do you have a personal favourite amongst your products?

My favourite oil blends are my newest empathic earth collection and bumps, babies and beyond.  I have also just started to promote my stocking filler blends and creams on Folksy

Thank you Emma!  We loved getting to know you a  bit better!

You can find Emma on Facebook and Instagram: #EmpathyHolistics
Emma King
Empathy Holistics

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