Friday, 1 February 2013

In the Beginning...........

I (Dottie) had a vision, a perfect world where everyone worked as hard as Di and I have for our little Etsy team where sales were soaring and promotion a team reaction through effort and hard work!

Then on chatting to Di it seemed that she had the same vision..........

So began British Crafters.  It wasn't meant to be called that, but that's another story that we'll tell you another time!

The ultimate aim is to have a website selling all things British from anyone who sells anywhere and the domain is ours!

To start with though we are for ming a perfectly proportioned Etsy team of like minded hard workers!  No shirkers in this team!

Strap in, ready for the journey cos this is just the beginning! Over the next couple of weeks we will introduce you to our team!

Click on the UJ to go to our team.  Applications still being accepted but please make sure you read and understand the charter before you sign up!


  1. Sounds great to me, so pleased to be involved :) x

  2. Hey Dottie - lovely looking blog... look forward to reading more :-) Simmi x

  3. Sounds like a really great idea and one I'd love to see do really well. Obviously can't apply myself as my etsy shop is closed for the minute while I give it some consideration. I can't deny it brought in sales and a large enquiry last year but of all my outlets it's definitely the bored toddler, can't take my eyes of it for even a second so it creates a huge amount of work that sucks my time in and blows it out in bubbles:) But then again, when it works it works, like I say I'm sleeping on it.

    Leanne xx

  4. Just want to wish you both all the success in the world, you both put in so much work with the first team on Etsy and you both deserve to do well out of this exciting venture, well done :)))

    Colleen x

  5. Good luck to you all. I hope you have loads of success! Nice to see so many familiar names from Craftyfolk on your team. I hope to still see you all on the Craftyfolk and Folksy threads.
    I know you will be successful because you are so committed and have such good ideas. If my health was better I would certainly have applied to join you.
    Best wishes
    Shirley x