Sunday, 10 February 2013

Launch Day Twitter

Here's a snapshot of our twitter team account which was being manned by Dottie, Di and Sarah on the day of our launch.

The launch day was a fab turn out for us as we rustled up 500+ followers who are all interested in handmade and in crafting.

The giveaways throughout the day got an amazing response - and very happy winners! So thank you to all the team members who contributed to the giveaway prizes and for all the tweeting!

Towards the end of the evening, one of @BritishCrafting new followers tweeted us to say... 'you're trending on twitter'! 

Can you spot us in the list below?

See the #BritCraft, trending in the #2 spot? That's us lot - WOOHOO!

Think it's safe to say our launch was a success then - yay!

 Julie x


  1. Fabulous! We did actually get above Nemo but couldn't get the screenshot lol!! Fantastic end to a great launch day x